Fibersol silver
Fibersol silver

Fibersol silver


Art 175Q Fibrasol Silver Maffei cm 300-300/8 h cm 280

fibersol silver art175q

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Material: PolyMa polyester gr 210, waterproof, mouldproof
Colour fastness: 6+
UV protection 50+
Tie-band for closing
Without valances


FIBRASOL is the best series of Maffei production. The FIBRA structure of VETRO gives a unique resistance and elasticity, superior to a similar structure in wood or metal, thanks to the ability of this composite material, to absorb sudden stresses.

48 mm fiberglass pole (silver color) and 8 interchangeable fiberglass ribs
Giant pineae tampus
Stainless steel screws
Double pulp opening
Mytex protective lining art.922 complimentary
Made in Italy.
A weight basis is indicated> 35 kg. Base not included.

Fabric weight: it’s per sqm
Colours: we use a scale where the max value is 8. Just our fabrics AcrilMa and Pool are guarantee against colour fading.
UV Protection: it’s the protection against UV rays for the people. The given UPF value follows the rules AS/NZS, which have a max value of 50+ (excellent).
Size: we write the technical dimension, that is the rib lenght. The real size can be a little different because of the camber or technical reasons, but it’s ever less than the allowed tolerance.
Base weight: we give the minimum weight in order to hold the parasol in total safety in case of normal assembling conditions and normal meteo conditions.
Our parasols are sold without base. In the side pole parasols the base metal parts are included in the frame, while the stones are not included.

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